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Ostatnio odsłuchane utwory

AnathemaThe Lost Song, Part 1 25 X 22:17
Broken BellsHolding on for Life Ulubiony utwór 25 X 22:13
U2The Troubles 25 X 22:08
U2This is Where You Can Reach Me Now 25 X 22:03
U2Sleep Like a Baby Tonight 25 X 21:58
U2Cedarwood Road 25 X 21:53
U2Raised By Wolves 25 X 21:49
U2Volcano 25 X 21:46
U2Iris (Hold Me Close) 25 X 21:41
U2Song for Someone 25 X 21:37
U2California (There is no End to Love) 25 X 21:33
U2Every Breaking Wave 25 X 21:29
U2The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) 25 X 21:24
Glass AnimalsJDNT 25 X 21:20
Glass AnimalsCocoa Hooves 25 X 21:16
Glass AnimalsWyrd 25 X 21:11
Glass AnimalsToes 25 X 21:07
Glass AnimalsHazey 25 X 21:03
Glass AnimalsIntruxx 25 X 21:00
Glass AnimalsWalla Walla 25 X 20:56
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2 Ulubiony utwór
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23 Ulubiony utwór
Ulubiony utwór
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33 Ulubiony utwór
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41 Ulubiony utwór
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O mnie


Fav movies: Se7en, Fight Club, Sin City, Aliens, Star Wars (ep 4,5,6), Interview With The Vampire, Pulp Fiction, American Beauty, ANYTHING with Audrey Hepburn <3, Batman: Dark Knight, lately Inception and moooore (list is still growing!)...
Fav book: last i read over, mostly fantasy, si-fi, horror and belles-lettres. I'm starting to be a fan of Russian literature! Neil Gaiman's works.
Fav painter: Zdzisław Beksiński, HR Giger.
Fav comics: Sandman, Sin City, Preacher.
Fav series: Doctor Who(!), Battlestar Galactica, Twin Peaks, Sherlock BBC.
Fav cartoon: Ergo Proxy, Family Guy (early seasons).
Fav games:Silent Hill 2, Starcraft 1 & 2, Bayonetta, Heavy Rain & Alan Wake, Metal Gear Solid series, Mortal Kombat, Devil May Cry 3... and on, and on...
Best tea species: Earl Gray, white tea, Genmaicha.
Best coffee species: Just strong!;)
When do i lie: All the time, just for fun;)
Fav colour: Black ofc.
My pets: Two tiny cats named Nike and Puma^^
Most characteristic feat.: Daydreamer (friends called it '19th Century Poet Syndrome') ;)
The greatest weakness:Bragging i think, unintentionally judgemental, evilness (but it counts as a strength!), sarcastic xD
What terrifies me: Cthulhu, maths teacher.
What do I like: Cookies and being lazy... and even more cookies^^
Fav book character: Alice Liddell from Alice in Wonderland.
Fav movie character: Darth Vader ;> Naaaah, need to find someone else, he's cliche;P

1) I'm kidnapped by Cthulhu.
2) I'm unsittable.
3) I'm repeating myself.
4) I'm playing with my cats.
5) I'm getting founds on my motorcycle.
6) I'm drinking a little bit too much.
7) I'm whining.
8) I'm going down the drain.
9) I'm talking to myself.
10) I'm repeating myself.
11) I'm drawing graph of g(x)=f(|x+5|) function or solving integrals.
12) I'm reading the same book 2nd month (romantic poem, at least 3 months!).
13) I'm pretending that i'm on a party having fun (most often at friday night).
14) I'm spying on Neil Gaiman. He's got last.fm, he's got last fm!!!
15) I'm reciting E.A Poe... (Nevermore!)
16) I'm listening to the same song by 100th time. And i'm enjoing it!
17) I'm sleeping.
18) I'm... not telling the truth... goint around the truth... ok, i'm lying.
19) I'm dreaming about 14 years old babe... called Porsche 911.
20) I'm drawing pentagram... naah.. Too old for that!
21) I'm marking cards... nah... i like my life and health^^
22) I'm pretending to be mage, vampire... and pretending I'm not a RPG/fantasy-geek.
23) I'm drinkig tea!
24) I'm jogging (see for yourself! Not a geek!).
25) I'm wondering will I ever graduate the school...
26) I'm singing russian songs and candences (I don't remeber words when I'm sober).
27) I'm eavesdropping^^
28) I'm counting what goes wrong in my life.
29) I'm hidding scratch-wounds under my sweater (It's just a flash wound!).
30) I'm eating breakefast at Tiffany's...
31)... or with Kant.
32) I'm pretending to be Włóczykij/Snusmumriken/Man-who-do-nothing-but-fishing-and-have-fucking-cool-hat.
33) I'm wondring who will lend me a money... UPDATE: I've got credit card! I'm doomed!
34) I'm loosing at (high stakes!) poker (all in!).
35) I'm eating.
36) I'm breaking a rules of traffic. Carmageddon mode on! Didn't get the drivers licence so far... xD
37) I'm playing with my cellphone with no apparent reason and agenda.
38) I'm wasting time on useless groups on last.fm.
39) I'm watching movies with Audrey Hepburn (almost seen all of them. What happens next?)
40) I'm staring at ceiling.
41) I'm fixing computers (and don't even take money for that!).
42) I'm hearing news about friend of my friend's friend (and i'm so into it!).
43) I'm avoiding any kind of job sience i quit my last.
44) I'm bored.
45) I'm watching some TV series and still telling that TV sux (polish TV do sux soooo badly!).
46) I'm checking my mailbox for the 10th time since last five minutes (and i recive only spam).
47) I'm making masterplans (and it don't have anything to do with conquering the world. Just normal life-plans!). Forecast is not good :<
48) I'm probably in bad mood.
49) I'm thinking (cheap provocation).
50) I'm high above.
51) I'm thinking what can I add to this list..
52) I'm talking about video games in the middle of a party.
53) I'm playing video games. When will I ever get so much time to play them all?
54) I'm looking for a food.
55) I'm building wonderwall around myself!
56) I'm shouting EXTERMINATE, and no one gets it ;/ Doctor Who fan anyone?
57) I'm giving up hope.
58) I'm shuffling decks for no reason... I find it calming.
59) I'm starving.
60) [buy ADVERTISEMENT here for 1€ I mean it!]
61) ...I'm annoying cats...
62) ...I'm getting scratched by cats...
63) ...I'm upset with my cats.
64) I'm listening to music at full volume, and praying to Flying Spaghetti Monster, not to get neighbors attention
65) I'm collecting My Little Ponies...
66) I'm doing origami stuff (on a lectures mainly). I can do crane with my eyes closed. Literally.
67) I'm waiting for zombie apocalypse.
68) I'm hunting hipsters.
69) ... always funny
70) I'm gonna wait it out [lyrics alert].
71) I'm watching musicals... I'm sucker for musicals...
72) I'm not giving a single fuck.
73) I'm waiting for a mad man with a big blue box...
74) I'm misbehaving
75) I'm being utterly mental.
76) I'm breathing... and now that I mentioned it - You will start to control breathing manually:)
77) I'm yawning all the time. Seriously, what's wrong with me? I apparently need more oxygen than, there is in the air;/
78) I'm craving for fun.
79) I'm cooking sad microwave dishes for one.
80) I'm turning my comfort zone into panic room.
81) I'm trying to catch WiFi
82) I'm studying :<
83) I'm stealing 7♠ from other people's decks. It's kinda my thing^^
84) I'm spending too much time on the internet... am I really disconnected anytime since smartphones?


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