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AttilaProving Grounds Wczoraj o 10:07
SlavesCheer Up London Wczoraj o 10:05
Bring Me the HorizonEmpire (Let Them Sing) Ulubiony utwór Wczoraj o 10:00
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  • PaulineLi

    ojej jaki piękny gust! <3 ;-;

    13 II 19:13 Odpowiedz
  • JoraLetov

    thank you :D this is Yuri Kaplan. he from Ukraine

    2 X 2014 Odpowiedz
  • togethrs

    you're welcome :)

    30 VIII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • kostasfanMarya

    i dont know to be honest i also wear a ferrari t-shirt despite the fact i dont like racing cars bla bla its just style

    29 VIII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • Hey_Stranger67

    No Problem ;)

    28 VIII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • 4b-normal

    hii it's ok :D

    28 VIII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • Essence_Himself

    Still, why do you want to learn Russian? Actually I don't know if learning the alphabet is useful...e.g. I never learned German and it's fine haha You better learn the numbers and the common phrases :D At least we don't have this weird "c" with tails! HAHA This guy? A cartoon one? It's Jack from Rise of the Guardians, awesome cartoon. Tbh, I only have 5 or 6 icons which I always change xD

    13 VIII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • Omegasphere

    This is why I hate Nickelback.

    28 VII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • KillerCLbee

    hehe maybe so, but i doubt Russian would be any easier :P

    23 VII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • Omegasphere

    Thanks for noticing--I wondered if anybody ever paid attention to it!

    14 VII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • KillerCLbee

    German is hard to learn i know :o I took French and Italian, can't remember anything tho... :/ I know some words in Hungarian and Croatian as well. My father was from Croatia :)

    14 VII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • Essence_Himself

    Dunno how :D With the help of Skype? Why do you need it?

    14 VII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • michalowy_

    Jesus was an alien.

    10 VII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • KillerCLbee

    Yea kinda, alot of diffrent things you gotta learn kinda quickly :) And yes, Swedish is somewhat similair to German at times :) But we defenetly don't understand eachother ;)

    4 VII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • Alice_Lis

    ^^ good taste)

    3 VII 2014 Odpowiedz
  • KillerCLbee

    Sucks to hear about you computer :/ There is no real translation for my work it in English, I'm what you would call in swedish a "Fastighetsskötare". Wich basicly means a Janitor, Carpenter and Gardener all in one. :)

    27 VI 2014 Odpowiedz
  • Essence_Himself

    Right now it's Rich from Skins. Awww, that sucks! Hope you'll fix your computer soon :) As for funny anime, I love Ouran High School Host Club (it's pretty old) also Tonari no kaibutsu kun, Durarara! and Kuroko no Basket, the last one is about basketball and it's reaaally cool :D It makes me wanna play basketball ;__;

    25 VI 2014 Odpowiedz
  • michalowy_


    22 VI 2014 Odpowiedz
  • Essence_Himself

    Will you? 'Cause I start thinking about finishing it, too...there are only 13 episodes, tho. But I prefer watching funny anime, so :3 Mhm, something mindfucking...maybe Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)? or Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? But idk, as I told you, I love watching crazy and funny anime :)

    21 VI 2014 Odpowiedz
  • KillerCLbee

    Yes, hehe. it's from their new album, it's called "The Righteous And The Butterfly" and they have other good albums too, such as "XX", "XIII" and "M3" :D

    18 VI 2014 Odpowiedz
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