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Kay Kay and His Weathered UndergroundBirds (On a Day Like Today) wczoraj wieczorem
Caught a GhostNo Sugar In My Coffee wczoraj wieczorem
The BlowTrue Affection wczoraj wieczorem
StereophonicsMaybe wczoraj wieczorem
Andrew BirdWishing For Contentment wczoraj wieczorem
tUnE-yArDsYouth wczoraj wieczorem
Magnet feat. Gemma HayesLay Lady Lay wczoraj wieczorem
The Postal ServiceSuch Great Heights Wczoraj o 21:18
The DecemberistsOceanside Wczoraj o 21:15
Patrick SweanyHotel Women 1 VIII 0:39
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  • rsudworth

    I've been having a play around with you jsonp API. It's great and I was thinking of using it as a basis to build an app in spotify. Is that OK? I couldn't find anything at about permission to use it or who to contact, but I saw from the API forums you're connected to the project.

    22 XII 2011 Odpowiedz
  • williamsgh

    cool profile,good music

    18 V 2010 Odpowiedz
  • chrisrazor

    Hi. Are you still maintaining your mp3tunes greasemonkey script? The link seems to be broken.

    2 II 2010 Odpowiedz
  • RemixNoise

    Dear Mr. Mariner, If you like Oingo Boingo, you may like Brendan's Band. Steve Bartek's our guitarist! Check us out at and tell all yer friends! Luv, BrEndAn's Band

    23 VI 2009 Odpowiedz
  • willhig

    your mb_unserialize function in PHP fixed a huge problem with my website! thanks.

    31 V 2009 Odpowiedz
  • borismus

    Hey. I dig the jsonp API extension. Thanks for that. I'm using it to fetch album art right now. But how come certain calls aren't implemented? I want but it's greyed out in the docs and returns errors when I try to call it. Please let me know! B

    12 IV 2009 Odpowiedz
  • GexNZ

    Seems to be working again now. Thanks for the great service.

    11 XII 2008 Odpowiedz
  • GexNZ

    I love but it seems to no longer be working. I'm using it in my, twitter mashup but it seems to be borked... any idea?

    10 XII 2008 Odpowiedz
  • LustrousChemist

    loving yr events app but wondering why there is a white strip down the right hand side when viewed in IE it's perfect in firefox (which obviously I prefer) just wondering. maybe something to do with MySpace profile 2.0? I've had to remove the LastFM embeded charts as they are now all over the place. But yours is a great app none-the-less, cheers!

    24 XI 2008 Odpowiedz
  • orangepascal

    Thanks! now the names are showing up nicely on my blog. great script.

    6 VIII 2008 Odpowiedz
  • orangepascal

    started toying with your api extension ( for use with JSONP on my blog .. am I missing it or is the name of a track indeed not available in user.getRecentTracks ? :p It is in the official API, just can't seem to get it from your api-ext.

    6 VIII 2008 Odpowiedz
  • harrymaynard

    do you have bell orchestres unreleased demo???

    2 VII 2008 Odpowiedz
  • Stahlmichel

    Hi! I've got a question about your event app: Is it possible to use it for a band instead of a user? That would be awesome!!

    28 V 2008 Odpowiedz
  • flaneur

    Just saw your events app on Myspace, it's awesome! :)

    2 IV 2008 Odpowiedz
  • Ego_Trippin

    dude, my mind is still blown by that show tonight.

    12 II 2008 Odpowiedz
  • Ego_Trippin

    i could talk to you a million ways online but this is music related so woot. anyway i heard the band Stars the other day and was blown away by a song. im sure you already have their albums but i just had to say that. the song was You're Ex-Lover is Dead

    30 I 2008 Odpowiedz
  • RayJules

    My God. You're amazing. I know it's 4am, and I know u dont much like metal; but if u did, i'd make u come listen to them with me right now. Thank You!!

    9 XI 2007 Odpowiedz
  • pinksky86

    thanks...=) yeah, I think it's great that you go to so many. I usually just go to a few choice concerts a year.

    3 XI 2007 Odpowiedz
  • pinksky86

    you go to a lot of concerts.

    3 XI 2007 Odpowiedz
  • pinksky86

    yeah I saw them once last year and it was awesome. They are so talented.I got to meet them afterwards and they took me and my sister out to get some drinks with them. So great. =)

    20 X 2007 Odpowiedz
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