666bpm, Kobieta, Wielka Brytania online: 13 dni temu

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  • ThirstLight

    Thanks for added me :)

    15 IV 15:32 Odpowiedz
  • hellban

    about a shout on the FKY page, yes i think too, FKY was and is always a genius of electronic music, for me he's a master, like Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, or pink floyd (huh)... when I listen to his compositions, I can't stopped in me a furious desire to dance and make the sound louder, still, full bass ... Chip Jockey, Third Type Party, Tekita birthday live set .. . they are all masterpieces of a certain era or sound and dance outweighed the drugs, it was hard, yes, but not hardcore, just a tribe of carefree, free electrons, shooted by well-being and peace, 95's free party's was just good for me... I never succeeded in finding another DJ with this power over my mind, his music make me crazy comfortably, so can be Mem Pamal or 69 db, but they do not have the same strength of persuasion..

    24 III 13:24 Odpowiedz
  • MissMankycat

    Allo lady! :)

    17 X 2013 Odpowiedz
  • wireds


    8 IX 2013 Odpowiedz
  • akme

    low? częściej high :) co u ciebie?

    3 III 2012 Odpowiedz
  • INVISIBLEpussy

    i'm torturing this crystal distortion set! epic

    10 XII 2011 Odpowiedz
  • madame_koko

    to ja to ja to ja :D

    30 XI 2011 Odpowiedz
  • madame_koko

    ojtam, ojtam :))

    24 X 2011 Odpowiedz
  • madame_koko

    siemanko, dopiero sie wbilam sie na i slucham setu, ktory zostawilas ;) podoba sie :) wlasnie tupie nozka do niego ;)) pozdrawiam

    12 IX 2011 Odpowiedz
  • wireds

    oi oi well im still in Romania.i leave next week for hungary then maybe czechtek and then centertek...

    13 VII 2011 Odpowiedz
  • wireds

    well teknival is in august in romania so i plan to go on a euro trip in july and then be back for tek....and u?

    20 V 2011 Odpowiedz
  • wireds

    AAA i have this mix...i allready love it hehehe check out this site for free sounds .peace

    16 V 2011 Odpowiedz
  • wireds

    ellooooooooo gonna check it out.Nice to hear from u.take care dururum boom boom

    16 V 2011 Odpowiedz
  • zonk_tek

    hiya how ya doin invisiblepussy? :) got any stuff planned for the summer?

    13 V 2011 Odpowiedz
  • zonk_tek

    hiya. glad you liked it. Izakor 2 comin out real soon :o). Btw, I obviously know u cos u used ma real name, but i canny see who from ya photo... x

    28 XI 2010 Odpowiedz
  • wireds

    Ehhh i knew some of them but mem pamal ,r-zac and puissance k was missing from library.

    26 IX 2010 Odpowiedz
  • wireds

    Hahahaha u gave me homework

    26 IX 2010 Odpowiedz
  • wireds

    uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 25eme dimension is really banging :D

    26 IX 2010 Odpowiedz
  • wireds

    hehehhe ty for accepting.Pac pac

    25 IX 2010 Odpowiedz
  • drgawy

    siema wariatko!

    18 IV 2010 Odpowiedz
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