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GinuwinePony Wczoraj o 00:35
The WeekndEnemy 2 VIII 17:04
The WeekndEarned It (Fifty Shades of Grey) 2 VIII 16:47
The WeekndThe Hills 2 VIII 16:43
De MonoMija mnie czas 2 VIII 16:35
Gabrielle AplinWhat Did You Do? 2 VIII 16:33
The WeekndOften 2 VIII 16:21
The WeekndHigh For This (Remix) 2 VIII 16:14
Natalia NykielBądź duży 1 VIII 22:47
The WeekndHigh for This 29 VII 13:55
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  • ighorwally

    Eai, essa é uma nova foto do ensaio da Katy para seu novo álbum http://www.lastfm.com.br/music/Katy+Perry/+images/93846351 VOTA UP por favor, para que ela possa ser a Main da artista?? Muito Obrigado!

    16 X 2013 Odpowiedz
  • Sway25


    26 IX 2013 Odpowiedz
  • LeavingMyself

    I've heard of Dexter and Teen Wolf but I've never seen it, but I'm a person who loves tv shows so I'll start watching it so soon possible I'm sure of that xD Oh so you watch TVD too ? I freaking love this show !! (: <3

    14 VIII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • Theoo_RJ

    add super ;)

    12 VIII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • Niahn

    I watch Dexter and Orphan Black! From Dexter I absolutely love Debra, she's just like me haha I also love Masuka and Quinn!

    11 VIII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • Niahn

    Yay! So from GoT, I'll go with Robb I really like him and I'm really angry he died, otherwise I really love Tyrion, Jon, Arya and YGRITTE!! I had a thing for Petyr Baelish and Gendry too, I think they're awesome and they maybe will gain importance throught the story.. About TW I'm totally in love with Stiles' character and I really like Lydia too! Are there other shows you watch? :)

    11 VIII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • Niahn

    Hi! Yes, seems like we'll get along ;)

    11 VIII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • LeavingMyself

    You're welcome ♥ I love Daenerys, Jon, Robb & Tyrion too, they are all my favorites characters <3 Robb was amazing, I will never forget him, and Ned Stark was the best father ever , the North remembers !! (: I also love Arya because she's so brave & Maegendry because she can manipulate Joffrey so well=and I like that xD And do you watch any other tv shows ? ♥

    10 VIII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • LeavingMyself

    thank you so much & you're welcome (: Omg you've got such a beautiful 'about me' ! Yes I love GoT it's an amazing show I'm really addicted to it haha, do you watch it too ? ♥

    4 VIII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • zuszia

    Thx. I love your music taste,too=)<3

    3 VIII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • zuszia

    thx for the add=)

    3 VIII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • inflorescenta

    Dzięki za zaakceptowanie! ;)

    30 VII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • LeavingMyself

    hey accepted <3 great library !

    29 VII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • burningdesire-

    Hey! Thanks so much. <3

    27 VII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • unusualb

    thanks for accepting. :) i love your music taste as well! <3

    11 VII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • kassia_felix

    Thank you! I love Beyoncé, her is a inspiration xo xo I love your music taste too (bey, 30STM, riri <3) ^^ I enjoyed the album, at first I found quite different from the others, but I kept identifying with the sound!! And now I am extremely addicted to it haha My fav song is Northern Lights <3 and u? Do you like LLF+D ?

    4 VII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • HenriqueKober

    UP? http://www.lastfm.com.br/music/Carrie+Underwood/+images/90970911 valeeeu! (:

    26 VI 2013 Odpowiedz
  • BadDieBey

    I love it ♥

    14 VI 2013 Odpowiedz
  • BadDieBey

    Everyone who has the opportunity to see it in person say the same, our Queen B is so perfect. * - * But HighHeelss, hope we can be friends! ^^

    13 VI 2013 Odpowiedz
  • BadDieBey

    Oh my God, this is amazing to see up close who love and admire, hardly wait to get my time hahahaha

    13 VI 2013 Odpowiedz
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