Hamid, 31, Mężczyzna, IranOstatnio online: Luty 2015

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AnathemaAlone Ulubiony utwór Wczoraj o 12:59
AnathemaJ'ai Fait Une Promesse Wczoraj o 12:45
AnathemaEverwake Wczoraj o 12:43
AnathemaScars Of The Old Stream Wczoraj o 12:42
AnathemaForgotten Hopes Wczoraj o 12:37
AnathemaA Natural Disaster Wczoraj o 12:31
AnathemaParisienne Moonlight Wczoraj o 12:29
AnathemaFlying Wczoraj o 12:23
AnathemaFlying Wczoraj o 12:06
AnathemaFlying Wczoraj o 12:00
AnathemaFlying Wczoraj o 11:54
AnathemaFlying Wczoraj o 11:48
AnathemaFlying Wczoraj o 11:35
AnathemaAre You There? Ulubiony utwór Wczoraj o 11:30
AnathemaA Fine Day - Remastered Wczoraj o 11:27
AnathemaRelease Wczoraj o 11:20
AnathemaPulled Under at 2000 Metres a Second Wczoraj o 11:15
AnathemaOne Last Goodbye Wczoraj o 11:10
AnathemaDeep Wczoraj o 11:04
DisturbedOld Friend Wczoraj o 10:57
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  • omega3r

    björk is going fine. to which platform would you like to be switched to?

    27 I 7:32 Odpowiedz
  • omega3r

    actually, i was kidding. :P but seriously now, somehow i get the impression that most of people and organizations who are dealing with human rights activism are just objects who serve to fulfil dreams and objectives of governments who failed to do that themselves. i don't believe in real independence of civil society.

    22 I 10:01 Odpowiedz
  • omega3r

    yes, classifying can be a bad thing, because it necessarily leads to terrible distinctions between people that need not be done. us, working people will once again rule the world. red october was only our dawn, and soon, beautiful shiny day will come upon us and our historical right, once we overthrow social network imperialist oligarchy and take over the internet just like our grandfathers took over factories and fields in 1917. peace and unity, comrade! :P jesus christ, i sound like a communist history book from 1940s in yugoslavia! :D btw, you listen to ladytron! :P

    19 I 7:09 Odpowiedz
  • omega3r

    omega3 is good for you. omega6 destroys your brain, so you don't need it that much. :P social network struggle is going on smoothly. we are all network proletarians who will unite to destroy the evil social network empire built by foreign architects of evil. :P

    16 I 7:37 Odpowiedz
  • Steher72

    Hi Hamid, thanks for adding me :-)

    5 VIII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • Noize_man

    Greetz from Ukraine! :)

    27 II 2013 Odpowiedz
  • Steher72

    Hi, greetings from Hamburg +1 DE flag ;-) Good music taste !!!

    15 II 2013 Odpowiedz
  • Mudduck

    Good to hear from you my friend, I trust all is well. :)

    27 VII 2012 Odpowiedz
  • Envil6

    Hello! I saw in last.fm you listened the Cape Town`s album - Aviateur. Do you have it in FLAC format? Because I search in the all of internet and I can`t find. It`s very important for me because they`re faaantastic! and I have only 192kb/sec :/

    1 VI 2012 Odpowiedz
  • omega3r

    hello, man. how you're doing? long time no hear. how's good old persia?

    1 V 2012 Odpowiedz


    23 XII 2011 Odpowiedz
  • mavelix

    Great List artist!!!. Happy Christmas and Happy new year 2012.

    18 XII 2011 Odpowiedz
  • corwin7

    Hi Hamid, You know Deleyaman. I wanted to let you know that this is the best time to support them and to show them our appreciation for their great work and music. Please visit their page here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/135031151/deleyaman-west-coast-tour-project You'll see their video presentation and the details on how you can help out and support them. If it's possible, please do your best to participate no matter how modest or small your part. The band needs each one of its listeners & fans to put this project together. They have imagined all sorts of special gifts in return of their fans participation. I also noted that they answer each participant personally by email. Thanks a lot ! - Eve

    11 XII 2011 Odpowiedz
  • Mudduck

    Greetings! My system is on all the time and as I mostly listen to music it plays most of the time. It does get a break for an hour or two here and there. Good to hear from you here again :)

    2 XII 2011 Odpowiedz
  • omega3r

    ah, not much here is done. all is the same like always. :) sun is shining, summer is getting to a close, and i'm waiting for lessons to begin in october. come to msn or skype sometimes, man!

    3 IX 2011 Odpowiedz
  • omega3r

    how's life back in good old persia?

    1 IX 2011 Odpowiedz
  • MoniqueMarino

    Ciao" I see you enjoyed one of my favorites , 4 times - don't speak by John Dahlback - i find this interesting . Buon giorno

    8 VIII 2011 Odpowiedz
  • corwin7

    One of the best darkwave atmospheric bands active today is called Deleyaman with 3 armenian members along with swedish and french members. You can check them out on last fm and the websites below. http://www.deleyaman.com http://deleyaman.bandcamp.com

    26 VI 2011 Odpowiedz
  • omega3r

    haha, yes, it takes me a bit more. :) you know any good bands from iran?

    24 VI 2011 Odpowiedz
  • omega3r

    oh, it's not real thing from the grave! it's a souvenir, bought in a shop. :D the scissors serve me well for almost five years now. :)

    24 VI 2011 Odpowiedz
  • Wszystkie wiadomości 165

O mnie

In the beginning of Gateha poems:


Only at the precipice do we
Evolve, Change; you think why? What’s the reason? This is our nature!
Our Nature...

So what are the roles of _isms, religions, and blind beliefs here?

I wish we had a Different nature, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s the only way to reach it…

Maybe there had been a reason to create it as this kind. I don’t know what kind of tense I should use to describe it?!
Past, Present or Future! Which one? Does that mean we’re higher than Place and Time?

There are echoes in the ears... and tell the thing, as always…
Nothing ever truly dies, everything is simply transformed…

It’s Comedy for those who think of it and Tragedy for those who feel it. That’s right?!

Love or Eternity? Maybe both of them! Is there delectation here, on this point?

I wanna be transformed to the Origin.. the Reality.. to go WHERE I belong to, WHERE I’m from…

Yes, "Moulavi" was right:

We're not from here..
We're not from there..
We're from Nowhere..

and in the end the Final Point, an amazing and wisely Couplet from one of the wise men of Persia, mathematician, astronomer and poet "Khayyam_e_Neyshabouri":

in Persian:
صانع به جهان كهنه همچون ظرفی است

آبيست بمعنی و بظاهر برقی است

بازيچه كفر و دين بطفلان بسپار

بگذر ز مقامی كه خدا هم حرفی است

in English (hope to translate the couplet properly and clear):
Creator toward to the old world is like a dish

It is water virtually and it’s a flash outwardly

Leave the plaything of blasphemy and religion (faith) to kids*

Forbear from a position (grade) 'cause god is also a loose talk..

* Kid is a metaphor of credulous person here

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