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Twoje porównanie z użytkownikiem FunnnyValentine wypada: nie wiadomo

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múmToothwheels Ulubiony utwór Wczoraj o 17:35
BeckDreams Wczoraj o 17:30
Sharon Van EttenI Don't Want to Let You Down Wczoraj o 17:25
Karen ElsonPretty Babies Ulubiony utwór Wczoraj o 17:21
Two GallantsIncidental Wczoraj o 17:18
Jack WhiteFreedom at 21 Wczoraj o 17:15
Jack WhiteLazaretto Ulubiony utwór Wczoraj o 17:11
Justin TimberlakeDon't Hold the Wall Wczoraj o 17:10
BeyoncéPartition Wczoraj o 17:09
Chris JamesLove Hates Me (feat. Pusha T) Ulubiony utwór Wczoraj o 17:07
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  • Lizzzieryan

    Isn't it the cutest? That's one of my favorites by him... I listen to it so often! Love your taste in music, especially D'Angelo and Hozier :-)

    26 I 1:41 Odpowiedz
  • gosche85

    great! so, we hope to reach more people in the next few months on Facebook. After that we are planning to open our own homepage, with more informations about bands, concerts, albums etc. because on Facebook there is just a limited space, you know

    23 I 7:35 Odpowiedz
  • gosche85

    you are right! especially in our full-speed running world, you need some kind of refugee. and music is some kind. i have seen that you liked our small project! that's great and really kind of you!

    21 I 18:36 Odpowiedz
  • gosche85

    thank you very much, that's very kind of you! by the way, great musical taste!

    21 I 13:08 Odpowiedz
  • gosche85

    hi! thanks for accepting me as your friend! that's nice. maybe you could check out our small project: that would be great! can i ask you where exactly you are from? greetings from italy!

    21 I 7:30 Odpowiedz
  • NutShe


    27 VI 2014 Odpowiedz
  • hoermi21

    thank you - i have found such a lot of interesting bands in your really big library! I'm searching of new bands all the time - wish you a good time an a happy new year

    30 XII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • hoermi21

    have found you on the john matthias page, no one know them, execpt a few people - and i'm delighted cause your widespread music taste!

    28 XII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • carebearbubbles

    Hugs to you

    22 XII 2013 Odpowiedz
  • ducze

    19 X 2013 Odpowiedz
  • NutShe

    Happy listening! :)

    21 V 2013 Odpowiedz
  • NutShe

    Oh lord, I saw already you have listened to it. What about Electric Guest?

    20 V 2013 Odpowiedz
  • NutShe

    Germany because I have friends there, and I'm a beer lover, and of course I'd love to see Modeselektor and Jahcoozi live there. Have you heard about Toro y Moi?

    20 V 2013 Odpowiedz
  • NutShe

    No plans for Europe at the moment :(, I want to meet germany though, and of course I have music to share, lots! We can have a dropbox folder to share some stuff. what do you think about this?

    15 V 2013 Odpowiedz
  • NutShe

    Glad to hear you're good, I'm doing it great as well, :)

    15 V 2013 Odpowiedz
  • NutShe

    Hey there! :D

    14 V 2013 Odpowiedz
  • weshenrique

    Thanks for accepting pretty girl :)

    31 X 2012 Odpowiedz
  • pep3

    happy to say; likewise:D

    9 I 2012 Odpowiedz
  • lowfiband

    Hi! if you like IAMX you'll like our music :), we are Low-FI from Italy, we released our LP and will be on tour around WRD on February. Best. LF

    23 XII 2011 Odpowiedz
  • Marjory88

    ach, w końcu zapisują mi się dobre tagi przy Griegu! :D Znów mnie wzięło na naszą "świąteczną" muzykę. ;)

    23 XII 2011 Odpowiedz
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wild thing:)

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funnnyvalentine's top albums (quarter) 1. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (103)
2. Kwabs - Perfect Ruin (64)
3. Rodrigo Amarante - Cavalo (54)
4. D'Angelo - Black Messiah (54)
5. Me and My Drummer - The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey (46)
6. Sleepy Holler - Sleepy Holler (45)
7. - No Mythologies to Follow (45)
8. Sinead Harnett - N.O.W (45)
9. Diana King - The Best Of Diana King (42)
10. Hundred Waters - The Moon Rang Like a Bell (40)

Snow is falling. Sometimes.

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