Akuma, 17, Mężczyzna, Polska
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MechinaThe Assembly Of Tyrants Ulubiony utwór wczoraj wieczorem
MechinaSkin Deep Ulubiony utwór wczoraj wieczorem
MechinaAfterimage Ulubiony utwór wczoraj wieczorem
MechinaFlesh Fair Ulubiony utwór wczoraj wieczorem
MechinaClash Of Cultures Ulubiony utwór wczoraj wieczorem
MechinaReclamation Of Mortal Nature Ulubiony utwór wczoraj wieczorem
MechinaMachine God Ulubiony utwór wczoraj wieczorem
MechinaShattered Cry Ulubiony utwór wczoraj wieczorem
MechinaConqueror Ulubiony utwór wczoraj wieczorem
MechinaThe Iron Law Ulubiony utwór wczoraj wieczorem
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  • Niler88

    i heard for Alkaloid.. guys from Obscura yeahh.. i have in plans to hear their stuff for sure :D also and new napalm death is good... no the best for me but solid good :D art cover is so grindcore ;DD

    29 I 20:54 Odpowiedz
  • Niler88

    we shall see :D im waiting for my dear new Nile hehe :D they will release a new album this year so that makes me happy the most. but anyway this year could bring alot of new fresh stuff so yeah ;))

    27 I 21:11 Odpowiedz
  • Niler88

    well said !!!!!!!!!!!! hehe

    27 I 19:49 Odpowiedz
  • Niler88

    yes yes :D a truly mans job ;DD

    27 I 19:32 Odpowiedz
  • Niler88

    locksmits /m/ haha :D we mounting some hall.. realy interesting job, sometimes hard but well its a job :D

    26 I 17:53 Odpowiedz
  • Niler88

    i believe you.. fuck school and fuck studyng :D keep it up ;DD just play.. i also still play drums and guitar.. working on my own stuff... but this last time its going realy slow.. bc my inspiration doesnt come often so its fucked up.. and i started to work :D so i work wih some polish workers :DD and I immediately thought of you :D nice people hehe

    26 I 15:34 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    hahah, wysle ci potem XD

    26 I 15:24 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    Chyba ze zginiesz, zagnieciony przez stado moherów XD

    26 I 14:49 Odpowiedz
  • Niler88

    yoooooo maaaaaan,, hows going there. whats up ? D:

    26 I 9:51 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    hehe no to poczekasz 😉

    26 I 0:59 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    Wiesz, nie znam się wiec sid nie wypowiem xD W każdym razie jeszcze dwa lata i tak zostały

    25 I 22:25 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    2017 ? boże xD nie docczekam xD

    25 I 22:11 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    No ok 👌 xD

    25 I 21:48 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    Hahah xDDDDDD dobra, jak tam chcesz sobie ustaw

    25 I 21:23 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    Może np.Olek xD

    25 I 21:02 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    Jakies zdrobnienie od Ola xD

    25 I 20:52 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    Ej nie bo zapomnę potem xD

    25 I 20:36 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    No dobra... jutro na priv ci wysleXD Ale jak cie zapisac ? akumeł ? XdDD

    25 I 15:59 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    o co ci chodzi ?xD

    25 I 15:49 Odpowiedz
  • onssedia

    nie wiem XD

    25 I 15:20 Odpowiedz
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Saving people, hunting things, the family business :)

What Metal type are you?
Your Result: Progressive/Technical Metal
You must play an instrument. It is the only way you will like odd time signature changes and general mastering of the instrument as portrayed by your favorite prog-metal band. Technical musicians are for extreme people who want music no one can replicate. You enjoy Dream Theater, Cynic, and Atheist.
** Note: There may be a cross-over with Tech-Death lovers.
Result Breakdown:
88% Progressive/Technical Metal
84% Death Metal
73% Nu Metal
38% Thrash Metal
28% Black Metal
27% Power Metal
24% Heavy Metal
7% Not Metal

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Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?

History means nothing if nothing's learned from past mistakes

Decrepit Birth
Cattle Decapitation
Arch Enemy
System Divide
Marty Friedman
Lady Pank
The Last Show Of War
Burn The Cross

1st Rule: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.
2nd Rule: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB.
3rd Rule: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.
4th Rule: Only two guys to a fight.
5th Rule: One fight at a time.
6th Rule: No shirts, no shoes.
7th Rule: Fights will go on as long as they have to.
8th Rule: If this is your first night at FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to fight.

Name: Derek
Nickname: Akuma
Born: 7th March 1997 (When darkness came xD)
Blood type: 0
Zodiac: FIshes (Fuck yeah xD)
Height: 190cm
Weight: didn't check xD
Hair: black (13 years ago pure white like Dante from DMC xD)
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Lazy musician/writer of offensive lyrics/Human, that learn... things xD
Location: Poland, in city where Sauron lives xD
Pets: older brother xD
Religion: don't believe in any shit called god, satan or afterlife
Languages: Polish, English, Deustch, Japanese :P
Likes: death metal, coffee, writing stories, concerts, Anime, Manga, PC games, darkness, moonlight etc. ^^
Dislikes: Pop, Techno, Disco, Sun, Crowded places, annoying people and attention whores :P
Dreams: Become immortal or have a true friend :)

I'm Gintama addict and big fan of Supernatural/Hannibal/The Following/Friends tv shows ❤❤❤

http://www.anime-planet.com/users/Dario97 ;)

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