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  • Yuzuki-An

    I love her teeth and this picture is just gorgeous [2] <3 <3 <3 Her diastema makes her cute in a different way ;D

    17 II 2011 Odpowiedz
  • Anna7ti

    it`s NOT true !!!!! don`t you see this..............!

    22 VI 2010 Odpowiedz
  • pustiblumi


    21 II 2010 Odpowiedz
  • blindedeyes

    Her teeth makes her even more charming. :]

    24 I 2010 Odpowiedz
  • alih_sk

    Odeio essas fotos

    15 XI 2009 Odpowiedz
  • plasticined

    and with this teeth, she's with johnny depp! but i agree with the edmund... her teeth turns the picture adorable, though i think that even their teeth were fixed, she wouldn't be just anothe diva... she has a different beauty ;)

    3 XI 2008 Odpowiedz
  • TheEdmund

    the teeth add a sort of quirkiness to the picture, if she'd have had her teeth fixed, It'd just be another diva admiring herself, now it's just completely adorable and at the same time very beautiful :)

    21 X 2008 Odpowiedz
  • london-streets

    yeah, faBu_'s right! she's pretty with her teeth:)

    17 X 2008 Odpowiedz
  • faBu_

    no, she shouldn't get her teeth fixed

    10 IX 2008 Odpowiedz
  • ttmab

    awful here...

    28 VI 2008 Odpowiedz