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Dodane przez crabhead1337 30 VIII 2012
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  • Zach216

    I was with i4mt3hwin up until the part about Sven being too quiet in the mix, what are you listening through? In my headphones I hear him perfectly, I actually thought on Figure #5 his keyboards were a little too loud in certain spots but everything since I love the atmosphere's and dynamics to the rhythms he provides.

    10 I 2013 Odpowiedz
  • i4mt3hwin

    Left to Right we have Bjorn, Lead singer and only remaining original member of the band. Then Dirk Verbeuren, drummer also does a lot of session drumming for various other groups including Devin Townsend, Aborted, jeff loomis solo project - he's been in the band since stabbing the drama. Then we have Sylvain Coudret, guitarist that took Ola Frennings position after he was removed from the band -- played with Dirk in the band Scarve first album was Panic Broadcast (he's a very technical guitarist). Then we have Flink in the background, bassist, second longest band member and supposedly as a side job he does prisoner transportation for the police or something. Then we have the new guitarist, David Andersson, other than playing in Night Flight Orchestra with Bjorn I have no idea who he is. And finally we have Sven Karlsson, the keyboardist who has been in since natural born chaos and is always too quiet in the mix.

    31 VIII 2012 Odpowiedz