Sending Orbs
Data wydania
5 VI 2005
11 utworów
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1 Hospital Requiem 4:21 17 013
2 Foliage Pathway 4:26 15 656
3 Leraine (ft. Kettel) 7:43 1 758
4 The Realms of Sanda 7:51 12 876
5 The King of Sanda 2:12 15 442
6 Born in a Tropical Swamp 9:26 21 523
7 Kingdom of Hearts 4:54 14 452
8 Friday Fall 6:00 15 501
9 Terata 2:26 11 901
10 Shrine 4:05 13 054
11 We No Longer Need Ourselves 2:23 10 784

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  • t0m135

    So happy that I found this, one of the most perfect ambient albums of all time, takes me on a journey that I never want to end.

    22 VI 2:48 Odpowiedz
  • jinzou

    i'll never not listen to this album, no matter what it looks like..

    7 IX 2014 Odpowiedz
  • jcotteri

    There's one on discogs for 150USD shipped from Japan :| with a slightly damaged jewel case

    29 V 2013 Odpowiedz
  • JewishUnicorn


    18 I 2013 Odpowiedz
  • KellyForte90

    @versionfiv And if by the off-chance Mr. van der Last becomes a huge name in the ambient/electronica realm and copyright holders discover their works being sampled without permission in this album, then what will happen to him?

    12 VI 2012 Odpowiedz
  • NotKurtRuss

    so good!

    26 IV 2012 Odpowiedz
  • BBacid

    The cover and booklet seem to complete this work. They seem to be the more or less essential visual accompaniment of the music. Its a shame that I can only find the album with artwork and everything onAmazon for $339.00.

    16 IV 2012 Odpowiedz
  • DavidM_

    Lovely little album. Glad I discovered this one.

    16 IV 2012 Odpowiedz
  • Seco

    I would give more than $240 for this album.

    3 IV 2012 Odpowiedz
  • jcotteri

    "Holy shit it's for sale on discogs for like $240 I WOULD NOT GIVE THAT MUCH ;___;" Massive WTF! :|

    19 III 2012 Odpowiedz
  • j_____s

    One of the best, most cohesive albums I've ever listened to. <3

    6 III 2012 Odpowiedz
  • almerindo_lana

    "Tryshasla" defines how to describe simplicity with complexity. Is about to be one of the best electronic music albums of all time.

    16 XI 2011 Odpowiedz
  • DanSturniolo


    23 X 2011 Odpowiedz
  • Seco


    4 X 2011 Odpowiedz
  • Elephant_E

    I just want to live inside this album.

    29 VII 2011 Odpowiedz
  • aCiD2

    Flippin fantastic album!

    2 V 2011 Odpowiedz
  • versionfiv

    no kelly. sampling is always done without permission, unless the bands in question are really big names and actually stand to make some money off of the sampled source. otherwise it's just not worth it to go through all the red tape. cds like this only earn maybe $5.00 USD a month, if that. the most general case is, the sampled sources aren't going to waste their time in legal battles with nobodies. this is one reason why we have creative commons license for all kinds of art, today.

    23 III 2011 Odpowiedz
  • _GooglePlex_

    Samples from Roller Coaster Tycoon and Mickey Mouse in World of Illusion?

    9 I 2011 Odpowiedz
  • KellyForte90

    I can't believe how wonderful this album is and how rare it is to find on CD. Thank God Sending Orbs has it available for mp3 download on their site. Thank God.... And yet I wonder how he can make that style of music, especially with all the samples which are copyrighted most likely. How did he get permission to use them all?

    13 IX 2010 Odpowiedz
  • Omission-The

    Best of its genre, at least.

    30 V 2010 Odpowiedz
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