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In Twilight's Embrace


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Poland’s In Twilight’s Embrace have come a long way from humble beginnings in underground community to the state of artistic self-awareness. Formed in 2003 and having actively participated in the birth of an independent metal/hardcore movement, the band managed to build a bridge between the variety of extreme metal genres and the unrelenting passion of hardcore. The debut full-length album, “Buried in Between” (2006), is without a doubt still one of the notable releases which merge those two worlds of musical expression into the single loaded weapon. After its release numerous shows followed allowing the band to present themselves alongside The Black Dahlia Murder, Heaven Shall Burn, The Ocean or Arkangel inter alia. Fast forward to 2010, In Twilight’s Embrace are ready to make idols fall and temples burn again. The five-piece return reformed, rebuilt and redefined with their sophomore offering titled “Slaves to Martyrdom”. Delivering a total of 11 songs, they bring about the fusion of crushing riffs, guitar hooks and strong melodies enforced by bombastic rhythm intensity. Paying homage to their titanic heroes, among others At the Gates, Amon Amarth and Heaven Shall Burn, these furious youths are at the same time able to delve into somewhat more progressive waters and forge an identity of their own. Over a year in works, “Slaves to Martyrdom” found the group collaborate at different locations, with different people on the project.


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