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(1991 – obecny)

Burzum - norweski projekt muzyczny, założony w 1991 roku przez Varga Vikernesa. Nazwa wywodzi się z powieści J.R.R. Tolkiena „Władca Pierścieni”. Pochodzi z wiersza o Pierścieniach Władzy i w Czarnej Mowie oznacza „ciemność”.


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  • SonOfShiva

    "When me and my girlfriend would take meth she would violently ram it down my peehole until it was inside my bladder, now my cock hole is so big I can fit a whole bottle of horse semen down there with ease. It was awesome but I can't feel it anymore so now me and my girlfriend prefer to roll our meth in raw crescent roll dough, cover it in some canola oil and shove it up each other's rectums. It's surprisingly erotic. Just kidding I don't have a girlfriend but I totally stuff meth down my cock." I'm totally going to use this as a copy pasta

    10 godzin temu Odpowiedz
  • v4zquez

    I heared Varg will ascend into heaven after his christmas carols album :)

    28 V 2:01 Odpowiedz
  • v4zquez

    sapna_rana this is exactly the best site for this type of advertisments, thank you

    28 V 1:53 Odpowiedz
  • sls

    he's also working on a christmas album and some dylan covers

    27 V 21:03 Odpowiedz
  • sapna_rana

    I don't see anything racist or 'national socialist' about it, I even thought his economical views are rather dominated by capitalism.... http://www.dwarkacallgirls.in, http://www.mahipalpurcallgirls.com

    27 V 11:55 Odpowiedz
  • sapna_rana

    Somewhere in an alternate universe Varg is cumming on his wife's toes and licking them clean. http://www.thegurgaoncallgirls.com, http://www.dlfgurgaoncallgirls.com

    27 V 11:54 Odpowiedz
  • thrillseeker01

    Erm...sorry sis,the new track does not reflect any of your inside knowledge.

    27 V 11:12 Odpowiedz
  • sls

    After completing his MYFAROG research, Burzum frontman Varg Vikernes is traveling south to study tribal rhythms and traditional African dance for his new album. He has described the new material as "a dark ambient version of Paul Simon's Graceland, incorporating some Eurodance elements." Some have questioned the project's authenticity when he was rumored to have contracted the Twerk Team in Atlanta for a 9-hour video shoot.

    27 V 3:13 Odpowiedz
  • oneironautica

    Is he recording an album?

    25 V 16:18 Odpowiedz
  • HistoryOvHell

    http://www.last.fm/group/Metal+elite join

    25 V 15:07 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    v i feel the same !......having not listened to any of them .....they therefore do all sound the same.....any suggestions on what i could do about this?

    25 V 13:43 Odpowiedz
  • GolyJelen

    I'm kinda worried because all the singles that have been recently released sound the same

    25 V 12:38 Odpowiedz
  • Damianek666XD

    boring emo shieeeet

    24 V 21:24 Odpowiedz
  • v4zquez

    I don't think Varg is racist, he just believes in will of power, future will tell what kind of people will prevail and what will just die, he is well aware of darwinism and just try to create the best possible environment for his offspring and himself to live and survive, I don't see anything racist or 'national socialist' about it, I even thought his economical views are rather dominated by capitalism....

    24 V 0:15 Odpowiedz
  • StephenR4968

    There isn't a moment that goes by where I'm not thinking about Varg filling me up with his hot, sticky seed.

    23 V 20:59 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    the Village People even sang a sng about it............In the Nazi,you can sail the seven sea's.......In the Nazi,you can put your mind at ease.......all together now.......IN THE NAZI...................

    22 V 19:55 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    don't sailors join the nazi ?

    22 V 19:48 Odpowiedz
  • Trveheimer

    sewertroll, really? all that "mimimi not national socialist" is bullshit. vikernes views on race, europe and simliar stuff are not hidden, he states this shit OPENLY. so, I'm fine with anyone listening to burzum, really, but don't deny the facts.

    22 V 18:45 Odpowiedz
  • sewertroll

    Neither are Nazis and Varg hates Breivik.

    21 V 21:13 Odpowiedz
  • SXR85G

    is that typical for norwegians to be a nazi? anders breivik, burzum...

    21 V 20:03 Odpowiedz
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