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AC/DC – grupa hard rockowa założona w Sydney w 1973 roku przez braci Malcolma i Angusa Youngów. Zespół grał na początku rock ‘n’ rolla, aby w przyszłości przekształcić się w zespół o bardziej wyrazistym brzmieniu. To właśnie AC/DC stało się synonimem klasycznego surowego hard rocka. Zespół cechuje charakterystyczna wokalistyka Briana Johnsona, a niegdyś Bona Scotta.

Prawidłowa wymowa nazwy w języku angielskim brzmi „ā’sē-dē’sē” (ejsi-disi), w rodzimej Australii zespół jest znany pod potoczną nazwą „acca dacca” (aka daka). Jedna z legend mówi, że pomysłodawcą nazwy była siostra Angusa i Malcolma, która zauważyła na maszynie do szycia tabliczkę z napisem „AC/DC”.

Aktualny skład:

Brian Johnson - wokal (1980)
Angus Young - gitara prowadząca (1973)
Malcolm Young - gitara rytmiczna (1973-1988, 1989) / gitara basowa (1975)
Cliff Williams - gitara basowa (1977-1991,1991)
Phil Rudd - perkusja (1975-1983, 1994)

Byli członkowie:

Bon Scott (1974-1980)
Dave Evans (1973-1974)

Gitarzyści Rytmiczni:
Stevie Young (1988-1989)

Larry Van Kridt (1973-1974, 1975)
Neil Smith (1974)
Rob Bailey (1974,1974-1975)
George Young (1974,1975)
Paul Matters (1975)
Bruce Howe (1975)
Mark Evans (1975-1977)
Paul Greg (1991)

Colin Burgess (1973-1974)
Ron Carpenter (1974)
Noel Taylor (1974)


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  • Fooshikins

    Arbeit macht frei

    26 VII 18:29 Odpowiedz
  • flutschaug

    wiso gibts diese geile band nicht auf spotify?!? sonst haben die doch jeden scheiss den niemand kennt. aber die wohl erfolgreichste rock band gibts nicht. seeeer logisch!

    26 VII 18:27 Odpowiedz
  • hamitic

    I just felt like expressing it due to the "Yay another back in black clone." shout. That was all. Well, yeah, I got the humour.

    26 VII 14:51 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    BTW i saw AC/DC for the first time in 1976 or 78 on the lock up your daughters tour when they first came to the u.k. and have seen them live a good few times since.they're a fun band and not to be taken too seriously,jus park your brain and enjoy

    26 VII 14:49 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    yeah ....i got your point and as i suspected you got mine and the humour intended...... and although the opinion was attacked ..at no piont was i trying to invalidate your point,jus asking why the need to express it ,given that although a valid point we still buy and listen to ac/dc.my point was to try and explain why we still do and you got that i think ....hence the o.k. but then s3nny ???????

    26 VII 14:43 Odpowiedz
  • hamitic

    I didn't feel offended at all neither that the point I was trying to make was attacked. Well, if you like what AC/DC have been putting out lately then you're probably gonna like the upcoming album too. AC/DC have found their "formula" of making music and I can tell you they won't ever change their style because they've had a fanbase for decades that love what they do as they do. That's what I meant with "but I suppose that is ok if you like them.". I don't really listen to AC/DC anymore but they were a huge influence on me 4 years ago when I was just getting into rock and metal music.

    26 VII 14:39 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    Btw at no time did i attack halmic personally ,only the opinion

    26 VII 13:10 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    funny isn't it that halmic ......based on his answer got what i was saying and you don't.......i'm sure halmic is more than capable of defending his position ,but chose not too.Really.... it's you who are close minded by trying to defend a position that's not defendable .Not one of your arguements to date has defended in a positive way a negative opinion .my repeated questions has resulted in being called an' ignorant cunt ' ha ha

    26 VII 13:04 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    ha ha ...you know i've blown your arguement out of the water..... purely based on the 'ignorant cunt' rant.Oh your so open minded can i send you a friend request.

    26 VII 12:57 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    mmmmm still missing the point.....ok i already know that some people think that ac/dc are repetative in some people minds..so as a fan why do i need to be reminded of this....what possible objective can be achieved from that comment ? please focus and answer that.....then think a little further and give an example where a negative opinion you have read,has changed your opinion of a band .i already have heard the negative opinions ,as have most if not all fans of ac/dc so what is the intention of some body posting them ....i gave examples earlier........now i have listened to lots of bands that have not impressed me for one reason or another but at no point did i seek to express those opinions on the shoutboxes here.....Why? because it's pointless.......as for your right to look on pages of bands you don't like....no ones stopping you...but if you write negative posts then your opening the door to a reply

    26 VII 12:53 Odpowiedz
  • s3nny

    from my point of view you're an ignorant cunt because you won't accept any other opinion than your own. which is sad, because experiencing music is even more exciting if you are capable of sharing good and bad moments with other people. that is the whole idea behind social media sites like last.fm. you'd only have to be open minded.

    26 VII 12:50 Odpowiedz
  • s3nny

    because it's part of the opinion of some people. why is it so hard for you to understand that? i don't think that hamitic wanted to start an argument or offend anyone. you were the one who attacked him for his post. he didn't attack anyone. if you feel offended by it, it certainly is your problem because you took it personal. pink floyd and led zeppelin are an example for that, but i won't go to detail because it'd blow borders here. acdc may not, but some bands do read and/or post on last.fm. "you have the option not to listen", are you retarded? how can you know the work of acdc if you don't listen to it? you HAVE to listen in order to form an opinion on a band. stop the 'troll here, troll there' paranoia and act like a grown man. because sometimes i listen to the music i grew up with and when i have some time on my hands i check their shoutbox. why would that be a problem for anybody? just because i don't like listening to them 24/7 doesn't mean i hate them or whatever.

    26 VII 12:42 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    P.s. what's really boring ,are people making the same pointless observations and posting them...........if your gonna troll at least have a new angle...hopefully humorous way of doing it.....some of the stuff on nicklebacks page is inventive and funny ,same for megadeth and metallica.some of the you tube spoofing is hilarious

    26 VII 12:04 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    the fact that ac/dc are concidered repetative by some, is not missed by any ac/dc fans, so why do we need to be reminded of that by anyone? If the opinion raised has only the intention to cause arguement or offence then it's not valid,please give an example of where you have read a negative opinion of one of your favourite bands that changed your opinion of them.Bands don't read these pages when they are at the level ac/dc are,therefore any opinion expressed is directed at the fanbase and not the band.again to repeat myself ...you have the option not to listen....and trolls put up comments in shoutboxes for negative reactions and attention ....just like the children they are.Obviously the diversity point was lost on you and the question of trying to get you to explain why you look on a bands shoutbox when your not into them

    26 VII 11:40 Odpowiedz
  • s3nny

    maybe because a circlejerk is not in everyone's interest? a big variety of opinions (positive ones as much as negative ones) are more vital for a band or fanbase than sucking their dick all the time. you can only learn from mistakes or widen your horizon from opinions other than your own. on the other hand it is most definetly okay if a band has found their signature sound, like acdc. hamitic wrote that ac/dc haven't changed their sound for an eternity, which is true. you can't deny that. as a fan (or a more frequent listener) you should know that better than everyone else. that isn't necessarily a bad thing and nobody said that it is. it might be boring for some people (like me), but that says nothing about the quality of the music. now you need to realize, that other opinions may hold some truth in it. do yourself a favor and drop sentences like "don't listen to it", "don't visit the shoutbox if you don't like 'em", or "u a troll?". that shit is nothing but ignorant and immature.

    26 VII 11:26 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    @ impronen......yes it is a worry but on the otherhand i comes down to the same old question....should a band disband when one member becomes ill , dies or leaves and the truth is ....its up to the remaining band members....we as fans only have the right to stop buying there product.the bands desicion will be based on a far more knowledgable insight than any of 'us outsiders' and should simply be respected

    26 VII 7:47 Odpowiedz
  • kayto1996

    @ s3nny well hamitic has a voice and replied to my comment.......and maybe got the tongue in cheek capiche.i wasn't angry with his comment as many bands have the same critique leveled at them....i was questioning why would you feel the need to post it.It's like censorship.....why should some body have the right to interfer( with there opinion) on another persons likes......when the reality is that you just don't have to listen. his opinion wasn't asked for by us ac/dc fans...but was given anyway.now take yourself..... at what point would you say that your an ac/dc fan coz your top 50 doesn't include ac/dc and yet your looking on this bands shoutbox.that's ok in it's self... but to then pass on your comment shows ignorance on your part,or your a troll,or your opinion is far more important than anyone elses, or your looking for an arguement....which is it ?...btw respect to halmic for his response as he is obviously far more intelligent than i expected,given his response

    26 VII 7:39 Odpowiedz
  • impronen

    I'm kind of worried about that no-one (other than me) seems to mind that the new album is apparently made without Malcolm. It jus isn't right. I know a lot of people probably felt the same back in 80 when Bon was gone but at that time, they were a band at they're creative peak. Currently not so. And if there's one thing that makes AC/DC sound like AC/DC it's the way Malcolm plays riffs with the accuracy of a clock. Not in a monotonic way, just very, very precisely. I can't imagine the band with another rhythm guitarist.

    24 VII 14:46 Odpowiedz
  • s3nny

    looks like kayto1996 can't handle opinions.

    24 VII 12:08 Odpowiedz
  • rockycage

    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

    23 VII 19:50 Odpowiedz
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