spotify web scrobbling issues

  • spotify web scrobbling issues

    i have spotify downloaded in my laptop, but when i'm at a different computer, i listen to the web spotify. i have it set to scrobble, but lately it has stopped scrobbling the web one. anyone else have this issue?

  • It seems that scrobbling with the Spotify web player is broken at the moment, it neither works with its built-in scrobbler nor with the browser add-on Scrobbler. There is a new thread about a disabled scrobbling option in the settings in their community, but enabling it again does not fix the problem.

  • I have this problem! I use the web player and it doesn't scrobble but if I use the app it will. I uninstalled the app to see if that was the problem but it wasn't - still won't scrobble from web player. When will this be fixed?

  • You would have to report this error directly to the Spotify community, see link above. The app is neither connected nor related to the Spotify web player.

  • The plot thickens..... I was able to scrobble from the web player for several hours yesterday, but today it did not work. I was not able to scrobble from the Spotify desktop app either. The only thing which actually allowed me to scrobble was installing the for Spotify add-on. Thank you for this great app!

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  • The scrobbling problem with the Spotify web player seems to be fixed, see this developer posting on the Spotify forum. I can scrobble with its built-in scrobbler using Opera 17 now, and the scrobbles even show the correct album for the track which is a new feature. Furthermore they seem to be sent in realtime (i.e. after 50% of playing time for each track), not in blocks anymore, very nice.

    The app for Spotify does not enable scrobbling, like mentioned several times before, see the group description and sticky thread.

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    I'm having the exact same issue. It seems that scrobbling to only works for the spotify app and not for the web player. A real shame, since spotify has better quality sound, larger access to an artist database than other music services like grooveshark.

  • Unfortunately this seems to be a never ending story with the Spotify web player, see this thread on their community forum:

    The good news for Chrome and Opera users is that the external browser add-on Scrobbler for web works fine and reliable, so you should install it if you have one of these browsers.

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